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  Ⅰ. Phonetics (10 points)


  In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation. Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  1.A. caused B. wished C. guessed D. dressed

  2.A. tea B. read (原形) C. real D. steal

  3.A. through B. famous C. route D. wounded

  4.A. native B. active C. national D. narrow

  5.A. like B. limit C. knife D. inside

  6.A. ear B. early C. earth D. earn

  7.A. thank B. another C. smooth D. clothes

  8.A. afternoon B. classroom C. roommate D. boot

  9.A. houses B. horses C. rises D. exercises

  10.A. expression B. discussion C. vision D. permission

  Ⅱ. Vocabulary and Structure (40 points)


  There are 40 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  11. ______ riding to school, Mary usually goes to school on foot.

  A. Without B. Rather than C. Instead of D. Inspite of

  12. The teacher will tell us _______ to have the exam next Monday.

  A. if B. that C. if not D. whether

  13. In order to grow well, the Blue Sprace, like other pine trees, ______ a temperate climate.

  A. require B. requires C. is required D. that requires

  14. It took them more than ten years to ______ the defensive works.

  A. build in B. build into C. build on D. build up

  15. I haven’t decided which seat ________.

  A. to sit B. is to sit C. to sit on D. is for sitting

  16. Susan wants to know whether the measures have been agreed _______.

  A. to B. with C. over D. on

  17. All _______ is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life.

  A. what is needed B. for our needs C. the thing needed D. that is needed

  18. His hard work _______ when he won the prize.

  A. paid off B. showed off C. rang off D. kept off

  19. The fire _______ two persons’ death as well as the damage of all the store’s property.

  A. is resulted in B. is resulted from C. resulted in D. resulted from

  20. On Sundays I prefer _______ at home to _______ out.

  A. to stay…go B. stay…going C. staying…going D. staying…go

  21. Generally, the thicker a mammal’s (哺乳动物) skin is, the less hair ______.

  A. that has it B. that it has C. has it D. it has

  22. My father ______ an invitation to a dinner party, but he _______ it.

  A. accepted…received B. received…accepted

  C. accepted…didn’t receive D. received…didn’t accept

  23. _______ their homework, the children went for a walk.

  A. When they were doing B. After they have done

  C. Having done D. They had done

  24. My parents never let me _______ alone.

  A. to travel B. to travelling C. travelling D. travel

  25. Hardly _______ the classroom when the class began.

  A. had he entered B. he had entered C. he entered D. he was entered

  26. We all enjoy working _______ him because he is a kind leader.

  A. along B. in C. under D. on

  27. She is _______to refuse, so I have to give in.

  A. a too kind girl B. too a kind girl

  C. too kind a girl D. a gird kind too

  28. He couldn’t use his own car because it ________ then.

  A. was being repaired B. was repairing

  C. is repairing D. has been repaired

  29. _______ go to the Great Wall for a visit?

  A. Why don’t B. How about C. Will we D. Why not

  30. With the guide ______ the way, we set out on foot into the night dark.

  A. lead B. leading C. led D. to lead

  31. He seems _______ from this university.

  A. graduating B. being graduated C. to graduate D. to have graduated

  32. The refugees need many things, but _______, they need food and medicine.

  A. at most B. above all C. after all D. at the first

  33. ______ France Viuard an excellent political speaker but she was also among the first members of the populist party.

  A. Not only B. If only C. Only D. Not only was

  34. He failed in the examination three times but _______ he passed.

  A. at end B. at finish C. at last D. at least

  35. On his return from his college, he found the house ________.

  A. deserting B. deserted C. desert D. to be deserted

  36. When Jane fell off the bike, the other children ________.

  A. were not able to help laughter B. could not help but laughing

  C. could not help laughing D. could not help to laugh

  37. English is _______ interesting to us.

  A. much B. very C. very much D. more

  38. Grammar books here _______ well.

  A. are sold B. sell C. sells D. have been sold

  39. If everybody is _______, let’s begin our class.

  A. sat B. seated C. seat D. sitted

  40. He must have been there before, ________?

  A. hasn’t he B. haven’t he C. doesn’t he D. isn’t he

  41. He had to give up ___ the football match because he had his leg injured in the accident.

  A. taking part in B. took part in C. to take part in D. take part in

  42. The young people felt that they needed no help from anyone. They were very _____.

  A. unexpected B. independent C. resistant D. separate

  43. I hope my teacher will take my recent illness into _____ when judging my examination.

  A. regard B. counting C. account D. observation

  44. The letters PTO _______ parent-teacher organization.

  A. stand for B. call for C. heard for D. care for

  45. Something always _______ wrong when we try this recipe.

  A. has gone B. have gone C. go D. goes

  46. My watch ______ three o’clock.

  A. tells B. speaks C. talks D. says

  47. When I took his temperature, it was two degrees above _______.

  A. average B. ordinary C. regular D. normal

  48. I’d rather you _______ anything about it for the time being.

  A. do B. don’t have C. didn’t have D. didn’t do

  49. I don’t think we can take it ______, some problems still remains.

  A. on hand B. by chance C. for granted D. at will

  50. She walked across immense room _______ every one looking at her.

  A. with B. as C. while D. when


  Ⅰ. Phonetics

  1.A 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.B

  6.A 7.A 8.B 9.B 10.C

  Ⅱ. Vocabulary and Structure

  11.C 12.D 13.B 14.D 15.C

  16.D 17.D 18.A 19.C 20.C

  21.D 22.D 23.C 24.D 25.A

  26.C 27.C 28.A 29.D 30.B

  31.D 32.B 33.D 34.C 35.B

  36.C 37.B 38.B 39.B 40.A

  41.A 42.B 43.C 44.A 45.D

  46.D 47.D 48.D 49.C 50.A




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